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  • should-8-hours-still-be-the-golden-rule-for-sleep

Many of us have heard over the years that it’s in our best interest to get 8 hours of sleep each night. Ever wonder how accurate this is and if it really pertains to you? Also, is it simply the number of hours we sleep that matters or are there other aspects to consider? Let’s explore diverse factors related to this topic to discover if in fact 8 hours of sleep being golden really holds true.

  • To B or Not To B: Ultraviolet B Waves For Better Sleep!

With Spring upon us bringing longer days, and since daylight is essential for getting restorative, nocturnal sleep, it’s the perfect time to address which hours of the day deliver the most sleep-influencing sunrays.

  • more drinking, better sleeping

There are many things that can enormously help us to achieve consistent and restorative sleep - especially when given a fair trial of a week or so. Today’s article focuses on the super importance of staying hydrated for overall well-being, as well as for amazing sleep…


Are you dealing with sleep struggles night after night? Until recently, insomnia was classified in one of three ways: 1 – Difficulty falling asleep, 2 – Difficulty staying asleep, or 3 - Waking too early. Instead, I’d like to share a recent blog article that outlines a whole new way of imagining insomnia and the insomniac…

  • 11 Game-Changing Tips to Re-gain Precious Sleep

As a Sleep Science Coach, I’ve worked with many people who have terrible struggles falling sleep, staying asleep or both. Not only does insomnia pose serious health risks and threatens overall longevity, it can bring years of psychological angst and despair.

What follows are 11 game-changing tactics you can use to outmaneuver insomnia and its dreaded effects…

  • Five Secret Tips to Capture Daylight, Re-Set Your Master Clock and Put Insomnia to Rest

In my experience as a Sleep Science Coach, I’ve noticed that most people struggling with insomnia focus their attention on what they can do differently at night to try to resolve their sleeping challenges. Now, I’m not saying that’s wrong. On the contrary, there are many things you can do at night which will help you to re-gain your well-earned ZZZ’s. So what else is there…?

  • Jet Lag Not

From time to time anyone of us can suffer with jet lag. Usually occurring with travel involving even small time shifts, jet lag can certainly interfere in getting a great night’s sleep. In fact, jet lag can easily be referred to as ‘jet drag’. 

It just so happens my spouse and I are in Italy as I write this. Here’s what we’re doing to deal with our own jet lag...

  • Ending insomnia - a new approach

In an intriguing article by Simon Parkin, Finally, a cure for insomnia? released on 9/14/18 in the Guardian, the work of South African psychiatrist, Hugh Selsick, and his insomnia clinic located in Bloomsbury, Great Britain are looked at.

What makes Dr. Selsick’s program unique? Well, for starters, he treats insomnia as its own disorder and not just as a side effect of another…

  • Is Napping Okay?

My thoughts on napping are mixed. In this hectic day and age, if one is feeling sleep-deprived and has trouble keeping their eyes open after lunch, a nap can help to recharge. On the other hand, napping can potentially interfere in feeling sleepy at night. This, of course, can lead to less nighttime sleep and more daytime drowsiness. But, is a nap what you really need…?

  • Struggle Waking Up in the Morning? Sleep Onset Might Be Why

I was away recently with extended family and enjoying breakfast with some cousins.  Towards the end of our meal, the table discussion veered to children and their difficulty waking up. My cousin Olivia spoke about what she and her husband, Christian, were doing to help their son find a suitable college. Olivia also commented that she didn’t know what Gianni was going to do about getting up in the mornings at college. “We have an impossible time waking him up to go to school now. I can’t imagine how he’ll be able to do that for himself at college.”

Being the Sleep Science Coach that I am, I asked, “What time does Gianni get to bed…?”

  •  The Most Important Health Habit of All?

The debate amongst the experts regarding what contributes the most to one’s great health… apart from strong genes… is on. Below are the top three lifestyle activities discussed.

 ► Good Night’s Sleep - There’s no denying that lack of sleep can be quite harmful in both the short and long run.

But, what does good sleep do for us…?

  • Snore Much? You May Have Sleep Apnea

Several weeks ago, my wife, Janet, and I were having dinner with another couple.  One of the women was convinced her partner, Mary, (name changed to protect privacy), had obstructive sleep apnea, (OSA). Mary snored loudly and seemed to stop breathing at different points during the night. When I asked Mary about her thoughts and/or concerns related to what her partner was saying, Mary answered that she really wasn’t worried. According to Mary, in all that she’d read about OSA and its related risks, there was nothing she saw that indicated sleep apnea was fatal…

  • Are Your Sleep Challenges Due to a Rhythm Disorder?

For the sake of this article, I’m referring to people who are doing relatively well in life. They’re gainfully employed, have a roof over their heads, their loved ones are safe and life is good. Still, their sleep struggles persist long-term and can even become chronic. Whether it’s hard to initially fall asleep or challenging to fall back to sleep in the middle of the night, both situations are frustrating and a great cause for concern…

  • Sleep Ambivalence: How Our Attitudes and Actions Impact Sleep

Since specializing as a Certified Sleep Science Coach, I’ve noticed inconsistencies between what people say they want when it comes to sleep success and its associated recovery benefits versus what they’re willing to contribute towards that success. Despite suffering from chronic struggles to get out of bed, to stay awake and alert by mid-day, as well as feeling wiped out in the evenings, there’s a secret flinch or hesitancy when it comes to carving out time for the full eight hours of sleep necessary to refuel, support health, and feel amazing.

Here are the varying sub-types of sleep ambivalence I’ve encountered thus far…

  • Sleeping Beauty: Natural And Innovative Techniques To Re-Gain A Great Night’s Sleep

When discussing lifestyle habits to gain and maintain optimal health, getting a good night sleep should be #1 on our list! In fact, without a consistent regimen of 7-9 hours of sleep nightly, recommended by the National Sleep Foundation,₁ we can absolutely count on becoming depleted in multiple areas of basic body and life functioning. And for those of us who are interested in re-shaping our bodies, please take note:

Medical research shows there is a stronger relationship between obesity and lack of sleep than any diet factor…