Meet Susan

Welcome and thanks for joining me! I'm Susan D’Addario, your friendly Sleep Science Coach, and I LOVE to help people to heal and feel better about themselves! For the past 23 years, I’ve worked with adults with life struggles getting in the way of their growth, self-esteem and inner happiness.

Approximately 8 years ago, I broadened my mental/emotional healing work to include the body. I'm fascinated by the interactions amongst body, mind, spirit and well-being. The expanded focus came out of my own life experiences, explorations, and passions into the worlds of wellness, nutrition and other holistic arenas.

As a result, I’ve worked as a Mind Body Eating Coach for people who wanted to change their relationship with food, eating and get back to their natural body size. I supported my clients to achieve their life dreams by providing cutting-edge information, experienced coaching and 100% support!

New and Exciting Service

I’m thrilled to be expanding my coaching services yet again! You know how some adults - maybe even you - struggle to get a good night’s sleep? They feel exhausted and might gripe with family members, drop the ball at work, and can barely keep from nodding off during the day? And, many have tried to get help – including taking pills that can be hard to get off – all without real success.

Well, I offer them a personalized, healthy solution to start sleeping soundly again so they can finally get back to their energized and well-rested selves, all without chemical dependency. And, it’s all contained in my new program, Back-To-Sleep!

My own lows, highs, and turning point

I know first-hand how hard it is not to be able to sleep! Restless leg syndrome, GERD, life worries and body pain all contributed to my own difficulties in getting a good night's sleep. There were days I was so worn out I could barely keep my eyes open. My lowest point came while driving. I had just gotten off the highway and was looking for a parking space. Suddenly and without warning, I nodded off behind the wheel!

It was only by the grace of the divine Universe that no one was hurt! But, that horrifying experience inspired me to research as much as I possibly could on anything and everything that had to do with sleep. I was so fired up that no one should ever have to go through what I did and be put at risk, that I ultimately became a Certified Sleep Science Coach!

I'm So Passionate

This is why I'm so passionate about helping thousands of people to learn how to sleep soundly and feel their best. I was able to change my life for the better, and I want to support you do the same. And, when we're sleep deprived, that simply isn't possible.

I understand the value of sharing life-saving sleep information, as well as how stress, eating and physical activity can all have a profound impact on getting a good night's sleep. Beyond educating, I will coach and support you to integrate the new sleep knowledge into your daily life. Your sleep and total health wellness will thrive!

Up close and personal

I have the honor and great fortune to share my life with Janet, my soulmate of 25 years, and spouse for 5. Together, we've created our lives in the Upper West Side of Manhattan for nearly 2 decades. We share our home with our 3 beloved pets, Jackson and Ashley - our darling felines, and world-famous, Rosie, our super adorable designer mutt!

You can often see me walking in our neighborhood park with Rosie. When I'm not working, I love to cook nourishing and delicious meals, play volleyball, read, bike ride, write creatively and get together with my tribe of family and friends.

Want a Complimentary Session?

Click here for your Complimentary ‘Breakthrough to a Great Night’s Sleep’ Session ($100 value) to learn if my services may be a good match for your needs. No pressure, no strings attached...just a great conversation with someone who listens deeply and sees your value. You can transform your poor sleeping habits and exhaustion into finally sleeping soundly again, feeling rested and ready to take on the world.

I promise that you'll get a ton of value from our short time together!

I look forward to hearing from you and working together to get you amazingly Back-To-Sleep!

Are You Ready?

If you've been struggling sleep loss for some time and are ready to take the necessary steps to finally sleep soundly again, schedule your appointment below and we'll get started right away.


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