What does it mean to be stressed and is it always bad?

The actual stress events of anyone with insomnia are generally equivalent to those not suffering with insomnia. The difference is how stress is perceived. By focusing on underlying negative emotions and then bringing those to bed, many people in mid-life can experience difficultly with sleep. According to R.S. Rosenberg, D.O., stress refers to mental, emotional, environmental or physical factors causing tension in your body or mind. But there are different types of stress which result in diverse impacts on your body - some good and some not great. Here is Dr. Rosenberg's classification of diverse stress:

  • Eustress refers to happy, fulfilling or pleasurable experiences and contributes more energy to your being. Good stress helps you to achieve your goals!
  • Distress refers to taxing, painful, insulting or tiring experiences that drain energy from your being. Distress (bad stress) interferes with your well-being!
  • Stressors cause stress reactions. They are conditions or situations that make demands on your energy.
  • Acute stress refers to the rapid onset of stress with short duration.
  • Chronic stress refers to persistent, longer term, frequently recurring or longer lasting stress.

There are ways to relieve your worrisome thoughts so they don’t get in the way of your sleep. I offer guidance using Breath Mind Body techniques for Coherent Breathing which can absolutely induce sleep. When appropriate, I also introduce clients to HeartMath Inner Ease strategies to build and strengthen their resilience against everyday stress.

Moreover, there are excellent relaxation stretches you can do anytime of day including right before bedtime. All the above and more are extremely useful to slow you down, relax your mind and cause cortisol - a stress hormone - to chill out. By reducing cortisol, your nervous system shifts from the Fight, Flight, Freeze survival mode to the sleep-friendly relaxation mode.

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